Profectus coaches are in high demand...

They only commit to students that are committed to getting better.

That’s why we created the Profectus Membership, a collection of services proven to help committed golfers reach their potential.

Here’s how it works:
For a monthly membership fee, each month you receive the services below:

Profectus Member Services

Super Sessions (1 per month)

These are 1 on 1 90 minute coaching sessions with your coach.  We usually like to see our students in a super session 1 time each month.  These sessions are long enough to cover several aspects of your game and adjust your plan to reaching your goals.

On Course with Coach (200 credits)

One of our most requested services—-
Join your coach on the course and learn to play your best.

Your On Course session will last 2 hours and include as many holes as possible, often stopping throughout play to learn strategy, discuss shot technique and other teachable moments.

Green Fee included in this session.

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TrackMan Practice Sessions (2 per month)

As a Profectus Member, you have exclusive access to reserve the same TrackMan Technology used in your Super Sessions for you to use during your range practice.

Your Profectus coach will help you identify which parameters are most important for you to make the most of your TrackMan practice.

For members wanting more TrackMan Practice, we created the PROFECTUS PLUS membership. These members receive enough credits for 5 TrackMan Rentals per month.
Golf Lessons Nashville, Nashville Golf Instructor, Nashville Golf Instruction

Remote Coaching (included)

A personal coaching portal for Video Summaries, follow up and communication with your coach. This is a two way communication tool that allows you to interact with your coach between sessions. We are here to help you improve in the time between sessions too!

Golf Lessons Nashville, Nashville Golf Instructor, Nashville Golf Instruction

The Details

As a Profectus Member, you schedule your services inside a 30 day auto-renewing membership window.

Unused credits do not rollover month to month.Your Profectus Credits renew on the “monthly anniversary” of your join date.
Example: Join on March 15th. Auto Renew on April 15th

You can cancel your membership once every calendar year and rejoin January 1 (or later)  of the following year.

We offer this program at such a large discount because we want good golf instruction to be accessible and affordable. Since it is such a discount, we don’t offer any options to pause your membership. If you miss a session here or there, the discount is still BIG compared to paying for these services one at a time.