Real progress is made in the time between individual lessons. These coached practice sessions will make the time between your one-on-one sessions much more productive.

Great coaching and feedback are the most powerful weapons you have in your fight against bad golf. Profectus members have access to an outdoor TrackMan at our Gaylord Springs location.

Profectus Members can practice between lessons at the exclusive Hideout Golf Club near downtown Nashville.

Sometimes you need a little feedback from your coach between one-on-one lessons. Each month, submit swing videos from the course or the range and receive a full video analysis from your coach in return.

You wouldn’t try to lose weight without a scale would you?

Our stats portal bridges the gap between how you are performing on the course and the instruction you receive. Your instructor can leverage this information to help you focus on the things that make you better, faster.

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Unlock the secret to lasting improvement with Profectus!

Our experienced coaches will guide you through your golfing journey and help you set new goals along the way. With our personalized Game Plans, you’ll have access to a variety of lesson packages, video and TrackMan based practice, outdoor training and on course play and even Custom Club Fitting to ensure your equipment is perfectly tailored to your needs. And with mobile and online access to the Profectus Student Portal, you can review your lessons and track your progress anytime, anywhere. Don’t settle for temporary improvement – choose Profectus and experience a Way Better game that lasts a lifetime.

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