A new student's first step...


For the ones who really want to do what it takes to get better, a total game evaluation is the first step to real game improvement.
1.5 hours
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For the ones who really want to do what it takes to get better, a total game evaluation is the first step to real game improvement.
1.5 hours
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After your Game Evaluation....

we put together a plan for how to use your Profectus Membership

Here’s how it works:
For a monthly membership fee, you receive credits to use each month on the services below.

Super Sessions

These are 1 on 1 90 minute coaching sessions with your coach.  We usually like to see our students in a super session 1 time each month.  These sessions are long enough to cover several aspects of your game and adjust your plan to reach your goals.

On Course with Coach (200 credits)

One of our most requested services—-
Join your coach on the course and learn to play your best.

Your On Course session will last 2 hours and include as many holes as possible, often stopping throughout play to learn strategy, discuss shot technique and other teachable moments.

Green Fee included in this session.

TrackMan Practice Sessions

As a Profectus Member, you have exclusive access to reserve the same TrackMan Technology used in your Super Sessions for use during your range practice.

Your Profectus coach will help you identify which parameters are most important for you to make the most of your TrackMan practice.

For members wanting more TrackMan Practice, we created the PROFECTUS PLUS membership. These members receive enough credits for additional TrackMan rentals at a reduced rate.

Remote Coaching (included)

A personal coaching portal for Video Summaries, follow up and communication with your coach. This is a two way communication tool that allows you to interact with your coach between sessions. We are here to help you improve in the time between sessions too!

Video Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a Total Game Evaluation?

The Total Game Evaluation gives you and your coach a clear picture of the steps needed to help you reach your goals. In the evaluation, we’ll collect both data and video of all parts of your game. We’ll use that data and your goals to help plan the best path for you to reach your potential.

Will you completely change my swing?

No.  Everyone’s body and swing are a little bit different and not everyone has a ton of time to completely change their game. We don’t teach just one style or formula. We’ll take in all the needed information about your swing, body, practice time and goals and use it to design the best course of action.


Here’s Errol to tell you more:

Can I refer back to my lessons?


Every session is summarized and saved in your Profectus Student Account. You can watch your past lessons on your phone and computer.


How much does membership cost?

Most coaches charge high prices for just 1 hour of instruction. We want to see our students more often. We want to communicate with them between lessons and help them practice better. That’s why we call our students, MEMBERS.

Our Profectus Membership can take many forms, depending on the student.  Because you can use your membership in a variety of ways, some months you may attend 1 Super Session and 1 TrackMan Practice. In other months, you may attend a Pro(fectus) Practice and 2 TrackMan Practice sessions.  You and your coach will design the best use for the goals you have.

I have questions about golf lessons…

Fill out this form and a Profectus Expert will contact you to learn about your game, your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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