I usually hit it about 5-10 past one of the better players I play with a lot. We played Sunday and I was flying it about 25-30 past him. He was pissed!!

Joey B. ★★★★★

Best club fitter in Nashville.

Jason S. ★★★★★

I am now hitting it farther than I ever have. I actually won my very first ever “longest drive” shortly after my fitting, and I’ve been playing golf for 25+ years. If you’re looking to get optimal results with your swing, do yourself a favor and go see Profectus.

Beau C. ★★★★★

Everyone on the trip was commenting on how well I was hitting the ball. After my trip I signed up for an additional 10 lessons to see if we can fix my slice off the tee. If your serious about improving your game, Profectus Golf is a great place to do it!

Damon D. ★★★★★
 His desire to get the right fit stood out in that he wasn’t trying to sell clubs, he was only concerned about the right fit. If you need to make a road trip to Nashville to visit Profectus, make the trip. You will be happy that you did.
Andy J. ★★★★★