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Golf Lessons Nashville, Nashville Golf Instructor, Nashville Golf Instruction
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Lower Scores. More Fun.

Golf lessons with a guarantee.
Golf Lessons Nashville, Nashville Golf Instructor, Nashville Golf Instruction
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Longer Drives. Lower Scores. Guaranteed Satisfaction.

The average Profectus Client gains over 20 yards with their driver and lowered their scores by as much as 5 shots per round.
Golf Lessons Nashville, Nashville Golf Instructor, Nashville Golf Instruction
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TrackMan, High Speed Video, Gears Golf  Climate controlled, Championship Golf Course, Short Game Practice Facility

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Pro-fect-us (Latin) noun
advance, progress, effect, increase, growth, profit, success

At Profectus Golf, we focus on giving you an elite level golf experience by making it enjoyable and informative. We’re committed to identifying the best way for a golfer to get better. Our inside-to-out facility allows you to stay comfortable as you hit your golf shots out onto the range.  We use the game’s best clubs and technologies to aid your improvement. 

When it comes to new clubs, we help you find the right clubs for you, no matter who makes them. During the club fitting process, we identify the best possible components and build specifications and explain why these club options work best for you. At the end of the fitting you are provided with a TrackMan report, your specifcations, and a quote to purchase the recommended pieces of equipment from your fitting.

I usually hit it about 5-10 past one of the better players I play with a lot. We played Sunday and I was flying it about 25-30 past him. He was pissed!!

Joey B. ★★★★★

Best club fitter in Nashville.

Jason S. ★★★★★

I am now hitting it farther than I ever have. I actually won my very first ever “longest drive” shortly after my fitting, and I’ve been playing golf for 25+ years. If you’re looking to get optimal results with your swing, do yourself a favor and go see Profectus.

Beau C. ★★★★★

Everyone on the trip was commenting on how well I was hitting the ball. After my trip I signed up for an additional 10 lessons to see if we can fix my slice off the tee. If your serious about improving your game, Profectus Golf is a great place to do it!

Damon D. ★★★★★
 His desire to get the right fit stood out in that he wasn’t trying to sell clubs, he was only concerned about the right fit. If you need to make a road trip to Nashville to visit Profectus, make the trip. You will be happy that you did.
Andy J. ★★★★★

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